Wellness Alchemy Healing

Healing Packages available upon request

Wellness Alchemy uses specific, gentle & non-invasive energetic healing directives that focus Supreme Being, Healing Vortexes and other healing vibrations toward a person’s health issues and concerns.

Wellness Alchemy works with you the spirit to remove blockages, allowing the body the space to heal itself.

What are blockages? Toxins, microbes, deficiencies, injuries, entities & foreign energies, negative belief systems, these are all blockages. Dis-ease is blockage - clear the blockage, allow the energy to flow and the body’s natural vitality will want to move the body to a more natural state of wellness.

What Is A Wellness Alchemy Healing?

Step 1

Just as a clairvoyant can see colors in your aura, they can also see into the body. In WellnessAlchemy your tissues, cells, organs and the various systems of the body are clairvoyantly viewed. Along with your body issues, a clairvoyant scan of the body is done to identify the energetic blockages in the body. Lastly, a clairvoyant scan of a body systems checklist is done to identify any blockages in these systems.

Step 2

Using the WelllnessAlchemy healing directives, blockages are then cleared. WellnessAlchemy works with you to effect healing changes in your genetics, clear trauma, clear the harmful energies of foreign organisms and toxins & a host of other healing changes. These directives are very specific and simple, operating within a frequency which works specifically with the energy of the physical body.

Step 3

What are you learning as a spirit through your experience with your body? Each person has an intuitive capability to heal the physical body when you are given the right information and support. Together we can create a healing plan of actions you may take to continue the body’s healing path, including common sense natural healing substances when appropriate.

Healing Crisis’ can offer one of life’s great opportunities for self discovery and the renewal of that which is most important to you. Many energies that may control you can lead to dis-ease of both you the spirit as well as your body. Becoming more in tune with your spiritual side is a vital part of healing, and often leads to a greater sense of ease and purpose in life all around.

Wellness Alchemy Healing (by appointment only)

Individual Healing:

  • 1 Hour long healing session

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  • Weekdays (Mon - Thu) (2 Slots available - 8:00p-9:00p & 9:15-10:15p)

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  • One on One via Live Zoom Call

  • Remote Healing available (After I finish your Healing I will communicate via Email)

Healing Packages Available for Chronic Issues, Trauma, Abuse, and more

  • Custom Healing Packages can be created for the Individual or Family

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