Meditation I

Pre-requisite for all other Courses

This class will teach you to recognize your own psychic abilities - What they are for you, and how they may manifest in your life. We will teach you very simple tools to help you manage and utilize your psychic abilities.

Learning to ground, recognize your energy from others, run energy, bring in gold suns, and have a protection rose are some of the tools you will be introduced to. The tools will allow you to meditate in the body so you can have greater control over your awareness, your life and your goals!

This Class is a Pre-requisite to the Clairvoyant Training Program. It may be taken Concurrently with it.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Psychic Meditation
  • Learning to Ground your body and letting go of negative energy.
  • Center of Your Head - Your 3rd Eye, 6th Chakra
  • The Concept of Your Space versus others
  • Bringing in Gold Suns Energy to replenish your own energy level
  • How to Run Your Energy as a way to clear out your space
  • What is A Growth Period? Spiritual Growth and Body
  • The Protection Rose Tool: a way to separate yourself from others' energy and problems
  • What is Programming and How to Not Get Programmed
  • Havingness: Looking at your goals and creating room for them
  • Havingness: review and Mockup tool
  • Your Next Steps: where do you go from here!

Meditation I Course - Starting in July 2021

Med I Course is setup as follows:

  • 4 weeks long

  • 1 Meditation Session each week (2 hours each session)

  • Weekdays (Mon - Thu) (Evening times - 8pm to 10pm)

  • Weekend (Custom Schedule if there are around 10 Participants)

  • 10+ Participants is the Ideal Class Size

  • Every participant gets a Complimentary Healing before each Meditation Session

  • Available via Zoom as well, if Participants request it

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We will contact you with further details regarding Location, Timing, Dates, Payment Details, etc.

Contribution: $150 USD for 4 sessions a month - 2 hour each session.

(Regional Discounts available - Contact Us for details)