Meditation I

Foundation Class

This class will teach you to recognize your own psychic abilities - What they are for you, and how they may manifest in your life. We will teach you very simple tools to help you manage and utilize your psychic abilities.

Meditation II

Building on the tools and techniques learned in Meditation I, this class will further the study of the tools used in psychic meditation. The student will learn to clear atheist energy from your mockups, use a havingness gauge, find your amusement and blow pictures.

Healing I

In this beginning spiritual class you will learn to recognize and reclaim your natural spiritual healing abilities. You will learn to heal another person by working with a Healing Guide, allowing you to set boundaries for yourself and maintain your own life force energy. You will get your own personal Healing Guide and practice giving and receiving healings each week.

Healing II

In this spiritual class you will build upon the techniques learned in Healing I. You will review the healing practices and clear your communication with your healing master. You will be assigned an additional healing guide: Your Psychic Surgeon whose main job will be to heal your body.

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